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4184 Universidad de Chile We Will Return A song that remembers the glorious 'Blue Ballet' In the 60was when they had more success in football, and were called up "Blue Ballet" for its elegant way of playing Playlist
6094 Universidad de Chile The Bulla Walks to Pedreros University of ChileNicknames: The U - Chuncho - Blue - Chilean - Leon - The BullaStadium: National Stadium in ChileHooligan nickname: Los de AbajoClassic rivals: Colo Colo (Super Classic) and Catholic University (university classic) Playlist
6906 Universidad de Chile Remember When Pinocchio Aggressive chant against Colo Colo (nicknamed El Indio), remembering that their stadium was built by the military President Pinochet Playlist
8244 Colo-Colo Who Is Not Jumping A popular one from Colo-Colo fans Playlist
8513 Colo-Colo Such a Pity, so Much Pity Song Garra Blanca (Colo-Colo) dedicated to the “chunchos”, fans of the opposing team "Universidad de Chile" Playlist

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